Rules Eng

General Rules – The Winner takes it all

1. This tournament is organized by Helios B.C.
Nr. BBSF : 

2. And takes place in Bowling Helios,
Gerheide 48, 2490 Balen, Belgium

3. The tournament is open to everyone, including
foreign players.

4. All the regulations of the BTBF and consequently the FIQ and WTBA are applicable.

5. The tournament is led by:
Michael Haest, tel: 0032 (0) 499 20 31 80

6. Registration is possible in the following ways:
– E-mail :
– Website :

7. Participation fee: € 35, payable at the date of
participation. Re-entry is possible for € 25. Only the best serie qualifies for the rankings.

8. Players must sign up 15 minutes before the start of a squad.

9. This tournament is an individual tournament.
There are three categories: Scratch  Men, Scratch Women and Handicap.

10. Maximum 3 players each lane.

11. The lanes will be assigned in accordance with entering of the inscriptions.

12. The handicap will be calculated 80% of 210,
calculated with the official average of last season, with at least 20 games played in the last season.

13. For players without an official average, 2 games will be drawn after every squad to calculate the average and the handicap.

14. Any complaint about the results must be submitted within 15 minutes after the announcement of the
results of the squad.

15. Cases not provided in these regulations will be
resolved by the organizing committee.

Competition Rules – The Winner takes it all

1. Per squad, 5 games are played in American style (change of lanes after each frame). After 3 games 2 pairs of lanes are shifted to the right.

2. There will be lane maintenance before each squad, also before the finals.
Between the Handicap– and scratchfinal there will be no maintenance.

3. The player needs to indicate which category he or she wants to play at registration. Players with an average over 200 in the mens division and 190 in the womens division will be classified in the scratch category.

4. The winner of each squad, in each category,
will qualify for the finals on Sunday, the 14h of april 2019.

5. Each squad takes place, regardless of the number of entries.

6. At a tie following rules apply, in order :
– The lowest handicap (in the handicap-category)
– Smallest difference between highest en lowest game
– Highest Game

7. If a player iqualifies in a re-entry for the scratch category while he or she was qualified for the handicap category, the player is classified in the scratch category. The 2nd placed in the same squad as which the player was placed in the handicap category is thereby qualified for the finals.

8. If a player qualifies with a re-entry in the same category, they will qualify with the highest score; the 2nd placed from the squad from the squad the player does not qualify is qualified for the finals.

9. When there is no winner in every squad the best non qualified on all squads will be summoned for the final of this category.

10. The final will be played in two rounds.

11. In the first round all 8 finalists wil play 3 games the American way. After each game there will be a lane shift of 1 pair of lanes to the right.

12. Scores from the qualifiers will be added with the scores from the first round.

13. The top 4 will qualify for the second round. The stepladder final over 1 game.4 against 3, winner against 2, winner against 1

14. Tie rule for the finals is a roll off, each time on a set of 10 pins untill the tie is broken.

Please register on the website or to subscribe by e-mail as mentioned in the above regulations.

Squad Day
1. Tuesday 09/04/2019 20h00
2. Wednesday 10/04/2019 20h00
3. Thursday 11/04/2019 20h00
4. Friday 12/04/2019 20h00
5. Saturday 13/04/2019 11h00
6. Saturday 13/04/2019 15h00
7. Sunday 14/04/2019 10h00
8. Sunday 14/04/2019 14h00
Finals Sunday 14/04/2019 18h00
Prize ceremony Sunday 14/04/2019 20h00

You can see the entries on our website :